Bottle Washing Concepts and Application

Bottle Washing Concepts and Application

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Learn how bottle-washers work, be able to recognise common problems and troubleshoot a solution.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Understand why bottles are washed before being filled
  • Identify the general process configuration of a bottle-washer and general solution flow
  • Identify the key elements of the bottle-washer and associated equipment and services
  • Understand the role of water and its composition in the operation of a bottle-washer
  • The factors that influence how bottles are cleaned in a bottle-washer
  • The chemistry of the wash and rinse section products
  • The special requirements for package protection
  • How to measure the operational performance of a bottle-washer
  • How to reclaim caustic detergent in a bottle-washer
  • Why, where and how the caustic and additives are dosed and controlled in a bottle-washer
  • How to analyse a problem, identify probable causes and take corrective action


Suitable For

  • All levels of employees working in a beverage bottling hall to build an understanding of the basic principles of bottle washing
  • Any employee managing the bottle-washing process who wants a better understanding of system concepts and application

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